Perfect pregnancy. Part 1.

This will be a mini series of blogs I’ll be posting, about my experience from pregnancy to post-natal depression and how I’m trying to overcome it.

For years my family would hound me about starting a family, as they are years older than me and all of their kids are now grown-up teenagers, some of them even have kids of their own. I never felt under pressure, even though I think the pressure was being applied, but me and my partner were going to decide to have a child, when we were ready and not before.

Me and my partner were on holiday in Greece when we decided to try for a baby. I stopped taking the contraceptive pill and 3 months later ta dah pregnant.

When the day finally arrived for us to tell the family we were having a baby, they were full of happiness and congratulations with the comment, its about bloody time. They also followed it up with I can’t wait to have another baby in the family, they are going to be really spoilt, and never go without, you’ll have loads of babysitters.

Morning sickness was never an issue for me, the worse I had was the feeling of sickness for a few months, which I was able to combat with some ginger biscuits. As my bump grew obviously so do your clothes, I was able to get away with a few baggy tops from H&M, which I can still wear now 2 pairs maternity trousers with over bump cover purchased from New Look, and a summer dress also from new look, the rest were just clothes I already had with stretchy waists.

We had decided to find out the sex of our baby at the 20 weeks scan, which was a baby boy. We already had his name ready after his grandad, with a modern twist. My family wasn’t too keen on it to be honest, but he’s our baby so our choice. It was hard not to buy loads of baby clothes, as there are so many lovely items out there, so any we saw that we liked and knew he had enough of already, we bought the next size up and so on up to a year.

Our only downside to the pregnancy was that our midwife kept changing, as the NHS were so short staffed, that we never got the chance to build a relationship with one. Each time we saw a new one, we would be asked about breast feeding and I already knew the answer, as I have never wanted to, but always felt like I was having pressure put on me to do so. I knew that I wouldn’t cope well, especially if I was tired.

Seeing as we knew I didn’t want to breast feed; my partner did loads of research, on what formula would be the closest match to breast milk for nutritional needs. The answer was Aptamil Profutura, it was more expensive than the others, but had what a baby needed.

We also purchased a Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine, which we both found particularly useful, easy to use and just worked for us. I loved it.

My pregnancy was going well, and I was really lucky, to only need the regular appointments. I kept on working through 8 of the 9 months, and was blessed not getting to many stretch marks, I think that was down to using, shea butter anti stretch mark cream morning and night. My bump was on the middle of the percentile graph and was the perfect weight, and I hadn’t added much weight either, well until after.

In my next blog, I will post about my experience of labour. Thanks for reading.

Till the next blog, see ya.

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