New Blogger On The Blog.

Hi, I’m new here and this is my first blog post, so I just wanted to welcome you into the crazy world of my reality.

To start with, are you all enjoying this weather? Do you love the sun? or would you prefer to be in the snow?

Personally I wouldn’t mind either, I’ve only really been on one sunny holiday 5 years ago.

I went to Kos in Greece and I’ve never been on a snow holiday.

I just love the idea of being outside a log cabin at night in a hot tub, with a glass of wine, a fire, surrounded by snow, looking up at the stars.

The way British weather is and global warming taking effect, that could soon be over.

I haven’t really been out to enjoy the sun yet, as the road we live on is so busy, due to it being a main route it becomes a nightmare on hot sunny days, as it becomes a car park. Instead, we walk to our local park either in the early morning or late afternoon, avoiding all the madness. Not having a garden has its downfalls, hopefully one day we will.

I feel that since this pandemic started, my whole outlook on life has changed, mostly for the better., I appreciate the slowing down and seeing life for what it is, being able to take a step back, looking at reality and being able evaluate what is and is not important. We were never programmed to be working 24/7 getting stressed to out. On the other hand, I have also noticed that I seem to suffer from more anxiety.

I would love to visit the local beach and just relax, but I feel that it would trigger my anxiety, especially with a 4-year-old who is curious, and loves to interact with everyone, so couldn’t relax even if I wanted too. I know that my little boy would love it, so that might have to be another early or late in the day activity, less people less stress, right?

I have also looked into going to the zoo recently and wow when did they become so expensive! is it just that we haven’t been there in over a year, that we’ve lost all reality of the cost?

It looks like we will be taking him on a tree top activity course instead, which should be fun. We gave him a choice, and that was what he chose, after seeing it advertised on the internet.

Sorry if my first blog has been a bit all over the place, I have so much to say and don’t want to bog down my first post, I feel like I’m back at school again, trying to make a good first impression and falling flat on my face.

Until I write again see ya.

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