Hi, I’m Kerry a 34-year-old (soon to be 35) online sales and marketing specialist, and now a blogger. I have a little boy who is 4, but you would think he’s a teenager with his vocabulary and attitude. I’m engaged to my partner and father of my little boy, who I have been with for nearly 19 years! Over half my life (how scary is that).

I reside in the south of England, in a small town, which is loved by tourists, and turns into a nightmare in the summer.

After years of the mundane routine of being someone else’s lacky, and getting more and more deflated, depressed, and never getting anywhere on a zero-hour contract, with no way of making more money myself, I was just helping someone else become richer.

When the pandemic hit the work slowed down, and my hours cut, I was forced to make a change, so I decided to take the jump in to self-employment.

Now I’m now a blogger and a sales and marketing specialist. I also have an Etsy store that really needs to be finished, once I have finished creating the products that is.

Since leaving the deflating nature of a zero-hour contract, I’m much happier even if my blogs seem a little different, life is hard, but can be so rewarding, if you keep focused on your goals and work hard enough.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, see ya.