Labour. Part 2.

So, this is my blog, where I off load anything that’s on my mind. Some will be old (like I’m currently feeling), some will be present and maybe if I’m lucky enough the future (where I’ll be in my spaceship). I chose to write a blog, as a diary is far too secret (I’m trying to find my inner extravert). Pen to paper is not what I am used too, so I’m here behind my keyboard.

On a side note, just to make you aware my personality type is defender (ISFJ-T) So I’m very common, 13% to be precise.

Enough of my babble I’ll save that for the blog.

Perfect pregnancy to unexpected delivery and having post-natal depression without knowing. Part 1.
How the personality test helped me and my partner understand ourselves and each other more: 
Welcome to my new blog. New Blogger on the Blog